Now on it's third version, Amerikana is a revue, a musical comedy show about coming to America, inspired by actual events and based loosely on the life story of its lead star, Fe de los Reyes.

Special guests, play the cast of 'thousands,' a composite of villains and victims that our heroine faces, as she goes about her discovery of life and search for her sister in America. Dubbed as a comedy with a soul, Amerikana's acts are forged from the stories of thousands of Filipinos wanting a piece of the American Dream, told in song --- a wacky musical tour about coming to America. This is a truly unique work, as can only be created by people who have gone through the american' experience themselves.

Amerikana draws from the large Filipino-American community in the United States as its primary audience. But its theme is universal, its music contemporary. Its creators believe the project will appeal to a much wider audience, including the "kababayans" (fellow countrymen) back home and their extended families and friends dispersed throughout the world. Many who hear about the project are excited about it, having the instant identification with its theme of leaving home and all the hardships that that entail. Truly, many will find Amerikana's messages to be very "close to the bone." Only the fact that it is done with comic routines, and set to music, can make it get away with portraying the trials and tribulations of Filipinos in quest of the American Dream. No doubt about it, Amerikana, *Made in the Philippines is timely and relevant --- all the ingredients for a provocative and rousing evening of entertainment.

Hysterically sad and tragically funny, Amerikana is filled with parodies of classic songs and original compositions retrofitted to showcase the lives of thousands of Filipinos wanting a piece of the American Dream, but hampered by various circumstances, not the least of which is the simple circumstance of their birth. All these rolled into one person, it becomes a testament to what an individual, any individual, can achieve so long as one's heart is in it. And that is what Amerikana is all about - all heart.